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Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

Winter term 2024/2025

Please check the LSF or the BCI modulhandbuch for the most recent information and to enroll for all our courses.  We are using Moodle for all our courses to provide you with content and information throughout the semester.

Title Bachelor / Master Audience* Rhythm Credits
Chemcar Bachelor/Master BIW/CIW WS 10
Conceptual Design Master BIW/CIW/PSE WS 4
Design Projekt Master BIW/CIW WS 12
Group Project Master PSE WS 10
Simulation stationärer Prozesse Master BIW/CIW WS 3.5
Continuous Purification of Pharmaceuticals Master BIW/CIW/PSE WS 2.5
Melt Crystallization Master BIW/CIW/PSE WS 2.5