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Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

Design Projekt

Type Project
Credits 12
Rhythm Winter / Summer term
Bachelor / Master Bachelor
Audience CIW, BIW
Language German
LSF number 06022
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Cours Content

The students have the task of planning a process engineering plant on the basis of a general task. This includes process development and selection on the basis of alternative evaluations, mass and energy balances, process and PI-diagrams, design of the main equipment, installation planning and a profitability analysis. Due to the varying complexity of the tasks, detailing of individual sub-areas can take place. The work is carried out in teams of 8-10 students, which are put together by lot. The team has the task to organize itself as a team and to apply the knowledge of all courses learned during the course of study. The group reports weekly about the achieved results and the planned work both in a report and through a lecture. The project concludes with final presentations of all participants and usually a field trip to an industrial company to discuss the results.

Aquired competences

Students can work under real project conditions. This includes dealing with time pressure, meeting deadlines, and making decisions even based on limited information. They are able to use the knowledge acquired in the previous courses and obtain missing information in a timely manner. In addition, students will be able to express their findings in scientifically correct reports, prepare and deliver presentations, work in a team, manage their own work, and resolve conflicts during the work process.

Further Details

Exam Weekly and final presentation - 60 min each
Weekly reports - max. 2 pages/person
Final report - max. 10 pages/person
  • Admission requirements for the courses of the second and subsequent semesters are set out in § 9 (7) of the examination regulations.
  • Examination Regulations; the Examination Board decides on any exceptions in the case of conditional courses.
  • Examination Board.
  • Completed modules TH 1 + 2, Apparatus Engineering, Flow and Transport Processes
  • Registration in due time
In addition, profound knowledge from the modules Process Engineering, Bioengineering I and II /
Technical Chemistry, Processes and Plants, Process Dynamics and Process Automation are required.
Literature Further information about the design project can be found in the digital central area of the faculty in Moodle.

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