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Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

Einführung in die stationäre Simulation

Type Lecture (1 SWS) + Exercise (0.5 SWS)
Credits 2
Rhythm Summer term
Bachelor / Master Bachelor
Audience BIW, CIW
Language German
LSF number 061032
Moodle Room  

Course Content

The course "Einführung in die stationäre Simulation" introduces simulation techniques for the preparation of mass and energy balances of continuously operated manufacturing processes. Using a selected process from the chemical industry, the mathematical and numerical fundamentals of the balancing,  E.g. different iteration procedures and the respective convergence behavior, using the example of a selected unit operation. Subsequently, an introduction to the fundamentals of process simulation with the ASPEN PLUS flowsheeting software. With the help of this software, the above-mentioned example process will be successively so that the students can understand how the different unit operations work and how to use the  tools "Sensitivity Analysis" and "Design Specification" will be taught. The presented contents of the lecture are to be be applied by the students in independent homework, whereby the solutions of the exercises are presented during the lecture. Solutions of the exercises will be presented and discussed during the lecture.

Further Detail

Exam Written - 150 min
Preliminaries Admission requirements for the courses of the second and subsequent semesters are defined in § 9 paragraph 7 of the examination regulations. The examination board decides on any exceptions in the case of required courses.
Literature The set of slides for the course and, if applicable, additional materials such as literature lists and website recommendations will be published in the virtual workspaces provided for this purpose in Moodle.

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