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Fakultät Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen

ChemPlant Wettbewerb

Type Project
Credits 1,5 - 6 (Depending on the project success)
Rhythm Summer term
Bachelor / Master Master
Audience CIW, BIW
Language German
LSF number 061095
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Course Content


The students work on the process engineering task set by the ChemPLANT competition. As a rule, this requires not only specialist knowledge acquired during their studies, but also creativity and innovative strength. The work is carried out in a team of 3-5 students over a period of approximately one semester (from the publication of the task to the final of the competition).
The team has the task of organizing its own work. The team reports at least monthly on the progress of the work and the results achieved in accordance with the specifications laid down in the ChemPLANT regulations. The supervisors serve as contact persons for the team, but are encouraged to leave the development and selection of solutions to the team themselves. The work ends with the presentation of the results achieved as part of the final of the chemPLANT competition (usually at a specialist conference). The results are evaluated at this conference by a jury consisting of experts from industry and academia, as well as by a public vote. If the group does not reach the final selection, the event is deemed not to have to be passed.

VCI GVC chemPLANT competition

The chemPLANT competition calls for your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in process engineering. The aim of the student competition is the exchange of ideas and knowledge between companies and students. A consortium of industrial companies sets a specific task each year.
Possible topics are:

  •     Digitalization and Industry 4.0
  •     Process planning and conceptual design of new plants
  •     Sustainability in the chemical industry

Use your creativity and process engineering skills to find an innovative solution. You have three months to do this. The respective companies will provide the necessary information.

Further Details

Exam Monthly presentations (60 min), final presentation at Thermodynamik Kolloquium 2024 (25.-27.09.2024 / Stuttgart)
Preliminaries -
Literature ChemPLANT - VDI

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