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Innovative Downstream Processes

new conceptsNew process concepts

  • Tunable Aqueous Polymer Phase Impregnated Resins (TAPPIR) as alternative technique to classical ATPE
  • CPC: A technology for enzymatic reactions combined with simultaneous product separation





Schaum_BildFoam fractionation

  • Evaluation of separation efficiency for biochemical components from complex fermentation broth
  • Investigation of hydrodynamic and adsorption kinetics in foam
  • Model approaches for continuous foam fractionation




Aufarbeitung-BildPurification of natural products from plants and fermentation broth

  • Solid-Liquid Extraction from plants (Phytoextraction)
  • Fermentation of fungi in shake flasks and small scale bioreactors
  • Investigation of purification strategies for natural products from complex fermentation broth or phytoextracts




CPCCentrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC)

  • Evaluation of separation efficiency for different molecules derived from complex matrices using classical aq.-org. systems or aqueous two phase systems
  • Determination of hydrodynamic in CPC
  • Model approaches combining hydrodynamics and separation efficiency