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Crystallization and Product Design



Gassing crystallization

  • Investigation of nucleation kinetics in dependence of gassing parameters
  • Development of robust batch processes in lab scale
  • Design of product properties
  • Scale-Up considerations

 Agglomeration processes

  • Quantification of agglomeration using an image analysis tool
  • Consideration of crystallization, filtration/washing and drying
  • Systematic investigation of process parameters of all process steps
  • Development of a systematic methodology for product improvement

Continuous crystallization

  • Separation of crystallization phenomena (nucleation, crystal growth, agglomeration)
  • Investigation of crystal growth kinetics
  • Investigation of induced nucleation processes in continuous mode
  • Energy efficiency considerations
  • Development of different apparatus concepts
    (MSMPR cascade, Slug flow crystallizer (SFC), Archimedes Tube crystallizer (ATC), Taylor Couette crystallizer(TCC))


Martina Hengesbach/TU Dortmund

Continuous isolation of crystal suspensions

  • Modular Continuous Vacuum Screw Filter (CVSF) - patented by TU Dortmund University
  • Continuous solid-Liquid separation, washing and drying
  • Investigation of product quality and material traceability

Integrated Processes

Integrated processes

  • In situ product recovery by selective cooling crystallization
  • Product crystallization as a new recycling strategy for homogeneous catalysts

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