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Steady State Simulation

Module: Modeling and Simulation

Tutor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. G. Schembecker

Contact: sss.apt.bci@tu-dortmund.de

Course of studies: PSE

Registration: 27.02. - 26.03.2023 via LSF

Max. participants: 54

Date: 03.04.-10.07.2023

Room: CT Zentralbereich  PC Pool 1

Extent: 1L+2T

Exam: 09.08.2023 9:00 - 11:00 h

Post-exam review: will be announced later

NOTE: We do not draw up a certificate of attendance!



The intention of this course is to provide an overview on the basics of process simulation and to explain how to handle the flowsheeting software ASPEN PLUS.

The first part focuses on the use of the software package itself before illustrating single functions on particular examples. Several Unit-Operation-Models, application of sensitivity analysis tools and design specifications will be discussed on the basis of a chemical process.

The second part is targeted on the use of the implemented property calculation models and property estimation.