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PD Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Wohlgemuth

PD Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Wohlgemuth Photo of PD Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Wohlgemuth

(+49)231 755-3020

(+49)231 755-2341

Consultation hours
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Laboratory of Plant and Process Design
Emil-Figge-Str. 70
Geschossbau 2
44227 Dortmund

Room G2-R3.11

Staff Information

Curriculum Vitae

Born April 27th, 1984 in Hattingen (Germany)
1994-2003 Theodor-Körner-Gymnasium,

Bochum (Germany)

2003-2008 Biochemical Engineering Studies,TU Dortmund University,

Diploma thesis: Experimental investigations on nucleation during the crystallization of adipic acid

2008-2012 PhD at the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design, TU Dortmund University,

PhD thesis: Induced Nucleation Processes during Batch Cooling Crystallization

2012-2019 Habilitation at the Laboratory of Plant and Process Design, TU Dortmund University,
habilitation thesis: Crystal Product Design: From First Nuclei to Its Final Solid Form
since 2012 Group leader "Crystallization and Product Design"


Field of Research

Crystallization and Product Design




  • Matthias Markus Etmanski, Max Breloer, Marius Weber, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Interplay of Particle Suspension and Residence Time Distribution in a Taylor-Couette Crystallizer
    Crystals 2022, 12(12), 1845; https://doi.org/10.3390/cryst12121845 

  • Astrid Ina Seifert, Justin Simons, Jan Gutsch, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Inert gassing crystallization for improved product separation of oleo-chemicals towards an efficient circular economy
    Organic Process Research & Development (12/2022), https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.oprd.2c00312

  • Anne Cathrine Kufner, Adrian Krummnow, Andreas Danzer, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Strategy for fast decision on material system suitability for continuous crystallization inside a Slug Flow Crystallizer
    Micromachines (2022) https://www.mdpi.com/2072-666X/13/10/1795

  • Jana Sonnenschein, Mario Hermes, Stefan Höving, Norbert Kockmann, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Population balance modeling of unstirred cooling crystallization on an integrated belt filter
    Journal Computers and Chemical Engineering (2022) 10.1016/j.compchemeng.2022.108024 

  • Janine Lins, Ute Ebeling, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Agglomeration Kernel Determination by Combining In-Process Image Analysis and Modeling
    Crystal Growth & Design 22, 9 (2022) 5363–5374, doi.org/10.1021/acs.cgd.2c00461

  • Johanna Vondran, Astrid Ina Seifert, Kevin Schäfer, André Laudanski, Tabea Deysenroth, Kerstin Wohlgemuth, Thomas Seidensticker
    Progressing the Crystal Way to Sustainability: Strategy for Developing an Integrated Recycling Process of Homogeneous Catalysts by Selective Product Crystallization
    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 61,27 (2022), 9621–9631,  https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.iecr.2c00476

  • J. Sonnenschein, R. Heming, K. Wohlgemuth
    Archimedes Tube Crystallizer: Design and operation of continuous cooling crystallization based on first-principle modeling
    Crystal Growth & Design 22, 9 (2022) 5272-5284, doi.org/10.1021/acs.cgd.2c00399

  • J. Lins, T. Harweg, F. Weichert, K. Wohlgemuth
    Potential of Deep Learning Methods for Deep Level Particle Characterization in Crystallization
    Applied Sciences 12, 5 (2022), 2465, doi.org/10.3390/app12052465

  • J. Sonnenschein, K. Wohlgemuth
    Archimedes tube crystallizer: Design and characterization for small-scale continuous crystallization
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design 178 (2022) 488-501, doi.org/10.1016/j.cherd.2021.12.017

  • C. Steenweg, J. Habicht, K.Wohlgemuth
    Continuous Isolation of Particles with Varying Aspect Ratios up to Thin Needles Achieving Free-Flowing Products
    Crystals 12 (2) (2022) 137, doi.org/10.3390/cryst12020137

  • Claas Steenweg, Anne Cathrine Kufner, Jonas Habicht, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Towards Continuous Primary Manufacturing Processes - Particle Design through Combined Crystallization and Particle Isolation
    Processes (2021), 9, 2187

  • Claas Steenweg, Astrid Ina Seifert, Nils Böttger, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Process Intensification enabling Continuous Manufacturing Processes using Modular Continuous Vacuum Screw Filter
    Org. Process Res. Dev. (2021) 25, 11, 2525–2536

  • Maren Termühlen, Benedikt Strakeljahn, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Quantification and evaluation of operating parameters’ effect on suspension behavior for slug flow crystallization
    Chemical Engineering Science 243 (2021) 116771

  • Maren Termühlen, Matthias Markus Etmanski, Ines Kryschewski, Anne Cathrine Kufner, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Continuous Slug Flow Crystallization: Impact of Design and Operating Parameters on Product Quality
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design 170 (2021) 290–303

  • Claas Steenweg, Astrid Ina Seifert, Gerhard Schembecker, Kerstin Wohlgemuth
    Characterization of a Modular Continuous Vacuum Screw Filter for Small-Scale Solid-Liquid Separation of Suspensions
    Org. Process Res. Dev. (2021) 25, 4, 926–940
  • J. Lins, S.Heisel. K. Wohlgemuth
    Quantification of internal crystal defects using  image analysis
    Powder Technology 377 (2021) 733-738

  • S. Heisel, J. Holtkötter, K. Wohlgemuth
    Measurement of agglomeration during crystallization: Is thedifferentiation of aggregates and agglomerates via ultrasonic irradiation possible?
    Chemical Engineering Science 210 (2019) 115214

  • M. Termühlen, B. Strakeljahn, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Characterization of slug formation towards the performance of air-liquid segmented flow
    Chemical Engineering Science 207 (2019) 1288-1298

  • S. Heisel, J. Ernst, A. Emshoff, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Shape-independent particle classification for discrimination of single crystals and agglomerates
    Powder Technology 345 (2019) 425-437

  • M.-C. Lührmann, J. Timmermann, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Enhanced Product Quality Control through Separation of Crystallization Phenomena in a Four-Stage MSMPR Cascade
    Crystal Growth & Design 18 (2018) 7323-7334

  • M.-C. Lührmann, M.Termühlen, J.Timmermann, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Induced nucleation by gassing and its monitoring for the design and operation of an MSMPR cascade
    Chemical Engineering Science 192 (2018) 840-849

  • T. Kleetz, R. Scheel, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Cooling Crystallization: Does Gassing Compete with Seeding?
    Crystal Growth & Design (2018) DOI: 10.1021/acs.cgd.7b01781

  • S. Heisel, M. Rolfes, K. Wohlgemuth
    Discrimination between Single Crystals and Agglomerates during the Crystallization Process
    Chemical Engineering and Technology 41 (2018) 1218-1225

  • M.-C. Ostermann, M.Termühlen, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Growth Rate Measurements of Organic Crystals in a Cone-Shaped Fluidized-Bed Cell
    Chemical Engineering and Technology 41 (2018) 1165-1172

  • L. Hohmann, T. Greinert, O. Mierka, S. Turek, G. Schembecker, E. Bayraktar, K. Wohlgemuth, N. Kockmann
    Analysis of Crystal Size Dispersion Effects in a Continuous Coiled Tubular Crystallizer: Experiments and Modelling
    Crystal Growth & Design 18 (2018) 1459–1473

  • L.-M. Terdenge, J. A. Kossuch, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Potential of gassing crystallization to control the agglomeration degree of crystalline products
    Powder Technology 320 (2017) 386-396

  • S. Heisel; T. Kovačević; H. Briesen, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Variable Selection and Training Set Design for Particle Classification using a Linear and a Non-Linear Classifier
    Chemical Engineering Science 173 (2017) 131-144

  • L.-M. Terdenge, K. Wohlgemuth
    Effect of drying method on agglomeration degree of crystalline products
    Chemical Engineering Science 167 (2017) 88-97

  • J. Sieberz, E. Cinar, K. Wohlgemuth, G. Schembecker
    Clarification of a monoclonal antibody with cationic polyelectrolytes: analysis of influencing parameters
    Biochemical Engineering Journal 122 (2017) 60–70

  • T. Kleetz, G. Paetzold, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Gassing Crystallization at Different Scales: Potential to Control Nucleation and Product Properties
    Crystal Growth & Design 17 (2017) 1028–1035 

  • T. Kleetz, F. Funke, A. Sunderhaus, G. Schembecker, K .Wohlgemuth
    Influence of Gassing Crystallization Parameters on Induction Time and Crystal Size Distribution
    Crystal Growth & Design 16 (2016)  6797-6803

  • L.-M. Terdenge,  K. Wohlgemuth
    Impact of agglomeration on crystalline product quality within the crystallization process chain
    Crystal Research & Technology 51 (2016) 513-523

  • L. Hohmann, R. Gorny, O. Klaas, J. Ahlert, K. Wohlgemuth, N. Kockmann
    Design of a Continuous Tubular Cooling Crystallizer for Process Development on Lab-scale
    Chemical Engineering & Technology 39 (2016) 1268-1280

  • T. Kleetz, F. Braak, N. Wehenkel, G. Schembecker, K. Wohlgemuth
    Design of Median Crystal Diameter Using Gassing Crystallization and Different Process Concepts
    Crystal Growth & Design 16 (2016) 1320-1328

  • J. Sieberz, K. Wohlgemuth, G. Schembecker
    The influence of impurity proteins on the precipitation of a monoclonal antibody with an anionic polyelectrolyte
    Separation and Purification Technology 146 (2015) 252-260

  • L.-M. Terdenge, S. Heisel, G. Schembecker, K.Wohlgemuth
    Agglomeration degree distribution as quality criterion to evaluate crystalline products
    Chemical Engineering Science 133 (2015) 157-169

  • J. Sieberz, B. Stanislawski, K. Wohlgemuth, and G. Schembecker
    Identification of parameter interactions influencing the precipitation of a monoclonal antibody with anionic polyelectrolytes
    Separation and Purification Technology 127 (2014) 165–173

  • K. Wohlgemuth and G. Schembecker
    Modeling Induced Nucleation Processes during Batch Cooling Crystallization: A Sequential Parameter Determination Procedure
    Computers & Chemical Engineering 52 (2013) 216-229

  • K. Wohlgemuth, F. Ruether, G. Schembecker
    Sonocrystallization and Crystallization with Gassing of Adipic Acid
    Chemical Engineering Science 65 (2010) 1016-1027

  • K. Wohlgemuth, A. Kordylla, F. Ruether, G. Schembecker
    Experimental Study of the Effect of Bubbles on Nucleation during Batch Cooling Crystallization
    Chemical Engineering Science 64 (2009) 4155-4163

Book contributions

  • K. Wohlgemuth (editor)
    BIWIC 17 - 24th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization
    Verlag Dr. Hut, ISBN 978-3-8439-3247-9

  • S. Heisel, L.-M. Terdenge, K. Wohlgemuth
    Eine Strategie Zur Charakterisierung und dem Design organischer kristalliner Produkte
    In: Produktgestaltung in der Partikeltechnologie, Band 8, pp. 33-40
    Fraunhofer Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8396-1194-4


Oral presentations

  • K. Wohlgemuth, M.-C. Ostermann
    From Batch to Continuous Crystallizsation - New Process Concepts
    MT Kristallisations-Symposium, Basel, Switzerland (2017)

  • T. Kleetz, R. Scheel, G. Schembecker, and K. Wohlgemuth
    Increase of production capacity using gassing crystallization
    20th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization, Dublin, Ireland (2017)

  • S. Heisel, L.-M. Terdenge, K. Wohlgemuth
    A strategy to characterize and design oganic crystalline products
    8. Symposium Produktgestaltung in der Partikeltechnologie, Karlsruhe (2017)

  • S. Heisel, L.-M. Terdenge, K. Wohlgemuth
    Optimization of Crystal product Properties by Preventing Undesired Agglomeration
    MT Kristallisations-Symposium, Frankfurt (2016)

  • K. Wohlgemuth, L.-M. Terdenge and G. Schembecker
    Crystal Product Design: From Crystal Formation to Its Final Solid Form
    New Frontiers for Biotech Processes, Koblenz (2016)

  • K. Wohlgemuth, L. Petrat, T. Kleetz, and G. Schembecker
    Evaluation of Agglomeration Processes during the Crystallization of Adipic Acid
    Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Kristallisation, Frankfurt (2016)

  • K. Wohlgemuth
    Product Design: From crystal formation to its final solid form
    MT Kristallisations-Symposium, Basel, Switzerland (2014)

  • K. Wohlgemuth and G. Schembecker
    Sequential parameter determination during crystallization process modeling
    Jahrestreffen der Fachgruppen Agglomerations- und Schüttguttechnik & Kristallisation, Wittenberg (2012)

  • K. Wohlgemuth, F. Rüther, and G. Schembecker
    Crystallization of Fatty Acids on Bubble Surfaces using Ultrasound or Gassing
    Vortrags- und Diskussionstagung: Bioverfahrenstechnik an Grenzflächen, Potsdam (2011)


Poster presentations

  • S. Heisel, J. Schoen, A.-L. Diekmann, and K. Wohlgemuth

    Online measurement of the agglomeration degree of adipic acid during batch cooling crystallization
    20th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization, Dublin, Ireland (2017)

  • L. Terdenge and K. Wohlgemuth
    The influence of downstream processes on the crystal size distribution of organic solids
    19th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization, Toulouse, France (2014)

  • K. Wohlgemuth,  F. Ruether, und G. Schembecker
    Towards Understanding of Induced Nucleation Phenomena
    18th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization, Zurich, Switzerland (2011)

  • F. Rüther, D. Fuchs, K. Wohlgemuth, G. Sadowski, G. Schembecker
    Modellierung von Batchkristallisation - unabhängige Bestimmung von Keimbildungs- und Wachstumskinetik
    Jahrestreffen des Fachausschusses Kristallisation, Magdeburg (2010)

  • K. Wohlgemuth, F. Ruether, and G. Schembecker
    Experimental Study on Nucleation during Crystallization of Adipic Acid
    Jahrestreffen der Fachausschüsse Kristallisation und Fluidverfahrenstechnik, Dortmund (2009)